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Join advantage:

Advantages 1: China's top 30 enterprises and cutting-edge 10 large wooden doors brand, brand strength outstanding, joining the risk is very low


Advantages 3: a sound dealer training system ------ guide dealers how to seize the market, enhance sales.


Advantages 5: the headquarters to provide a unified store image design, store by the professional design of commercial space designers.


Advantage 7: industry prospects, the market space is huge, and there is expansion of development space.

Advantage 2: professional R & D and design team ------ to ensure product stability, color modeling lead the market trend.


Advantage 4: a dedicated channel guidance system and a strong brand promotion strategy, so that dealers make money faster and easier.


Advantage 6: the company introduced advanced production equipment, high precision; fast supply, single-class production of 20,000 Tang / year.


Advantage 8: a unique corporate culture, to ensure that the franchisee and business intimate relationship, to achieve the purpose of win-win situation.

Join request:

Store requirements: stores should be located in the local high-grade building materials city or high-end wooden doors concentrated street.

Financial requirements: with the target market to match the financial strength.

Business philosophy: understanding, recognition of good brand culture and business philosophy, the doors of the industry have a more profound understanding and norms of the business philosophy.

Experience: a well-known brand product agent experience is preferred.

Market ability: a certain degree of business management and market operation.

Affiliate Support:

I sample support

III Decoration subsidy support

V Opening support

VII Promotional support

II Design support

IV Training support

VI Advertising support

VIII Engineering support

Store application process:

1.Project investigation and verification and fill in the application

3.Sign the franchise contract

5.Store layout design

7.Store the design to confirm the selection of samples and pay the purchase price

9.Store decoration layout

2.Regional manager review assessment

4.Pay the deposit

6.Staff pre-job training

8.Store decoration and loading

10.The store officially opened